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This Swiss brand is one of the most original names in the watch manufacturing industry. Baume & Mercier men's watches are known for revolutionizing the market with their innovative timepieces and has inspired many of today’s leading peers across the globe. Early range is regarded as something as a legend and are considered a true hallmark of tradition, artistry and quality in the present times.

This premier brand started creating superior quality timepieces as far back as the 1830s. The company was founded by Louis Victor and Pierre-Joseph-Celestin Baume and was set up in the Swiss Jura Mountainsof Les Bois Village under the trade name of "Freres Baume". From these humble beginnings, the brand developed into a family legacy and gradually started spreading its business to England and very soon across most parts of Europe. Here you can compare this wristwatches only from authorised UK shop's.

The 1880s witnessed a marked change in the style of Baume & Mercier products as the second generation of the family introduced some pioneering and modern touches to the conventional designs. The year 1918 was another major turning point in the history of this already famous watch making company. This is when an agreement was signed between William Baume and the talented watchmaker Paul Mercier which led to the formation of the distinguished Baume & Mercier Company. With more than a century’s experience and accomplishments, the brand has never been more successful.

The Baume & Mercier men’s watches offer a comprehensive mix of conventional, casual as well as luxury wrist-wear. The aristocratic and ultra-luxurious Classima Executive defines class and sophistication through its craftsmanship. Crafted from superior quality polished gold and steel these watches are known for their precision and high performance. Another traditional piece is the Hampton Classic which offers the wearer a simplistic but very elegant style with its characteristic square cases. More recent and contemporary Baume & Mercier wristwatches include the charming Rivera collection which is famous for its distinctively crafted dodecagonal case.

In William Baume collection, each watch in this range is a showpiece of heritage and craftsmanship which has been blended with the latest technologies to offer something truly unique to the wearer. Owning model from this premium brand is a truly novel experience and a must for men who appreciate the finest nuances of life. Buy Baume & Mercier watches via our website only from official retailers in United Kingdom.